A Message from the Heart of Texas
Conference Committee

    We are putting on a conference, and some AA members might say that since we are charging a registration fee for attendance at an AA function, we are not acting in accordance with AA Traditions.
    There is a big difference between “no dues or fees for A.A. Membership” and a registration fee for a conference. The word “fee” is a strange one in a self-supporting fellowship, but someone has to pay the bills!
    There are many roundups, conventions, and conferences each year, and in most cases, registration fees are charged to cover the expenses of the event. Often a special event, such as our chili cook-off and mini-conference in November, is put on for the purpose of raising additional funds to support the conference.
    Depending on the situation, and in the judgment of the planning committee, sometimes special arrangements are made for AAs who would like to attend but cannot afford to. This has always been the case with the Heart of Texas Conference.
    Please remember that all decisions are made by the committee with the input of others as they are the ones responsible for covering costs of the conference.
Adapted from a back issue of Box 4-5-9


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